[To-Do's Day] Simple Steps for Better Ideas and Thinking

published5 months ago
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Hey Reader, this is the 3rd email in my note-taking series. If you missed the first two, here’s what I covered…

Taking notes is more than just a way to remember things—it's an exciting journey of self-improvement and idea generation. By making your note-taking personal, you can refine your thinking and come up with ideas that are uniquely yours.

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In this newsletter I’ll share 5 actionable steps for developing and refining your notes into working material to help you make the most of your note-taking and get your creative juices flowing.

Be Yourself in Your Notes

When it comes to note-taking, there’s no one right way to do it. The key is to find what works for you and make it your own. As you practice and fine-tune your note-taking methods, try to weave in your personal experiences, thoughts, and values. This will make your notes more meaningful and help you come up with ideas that truly reflect who you are.

Review Your Notes Regularly

Set aside some time to go through your notes and look for connections between different ideas. This will not only help you better understand the concepts you’ve noted down but also spark new thoughts and insights. As you uncover patterns and links in your notes, you’ll start to see new ideas emerge that are rooted in your unique perspective.

Keep Experimenting and Learning

To get better at note-taking and generating ideas, you need to keep trying new things and learning from your experiences. Play around with different techniques, like the 3 C’s and QUIP frameworks, and see what clicks for you. Keep tweaking your approach to make sure it’s helping you grow and come up with new ideas.

Explore Different Sources of Inspiration

To broaden your thinking and expand your knowledge, expose yourself to a wide range of information and viewpoints. Read books, articles, or listen to podcasts and attend webinars or conferences that grab your attention. The more diverse your sources, the more ideas you’ll have to fuel your note-taking and thinking.

Stay Positive and Open to Growth

Having a growth mindset is key to improving your note-taking skills and coming up with new ideas. Be open to challenges as chances to learn and get better, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Keep in mind that you might face setbacks or obstacles, but stay positive and keep going.

By following these simple steps, you can use note-taking strategies to sharpen your thinking and come up with unique ideas. Just remember to stay true to yourself, keep experimenting, and maintain a growth mindset. With time and practice, you’ll see the amazing impact personalized note-taking can have on your personal and professional growth.

5 Key Actions

  1. Weave in personal experiences, thoughts, and values into notes. This is what makes each note unique to you!
  2. Review notes regularly to look for connections between different ideas. Remember: not every highlight or scribbled note will become a finished note.
  3. Experiment with different note-taking techniques, like the 3 C’s and QUIP. Tiago Forte’s CODE, Sonke Ahrens “Smart Notes,” and Ryan Holiday’s Notecard Method are great too.
  4. Expose yourself to a wide range of information to broaden thinking and expand knowledge. Keep reading, taking notes, reviewing, and refining!
  5. Maintain a growth mindset and be open to challenges and feedback that strengthen your note-taking practice.

Write me back and share which key action is easiest and which is hardest. The easiest for me is learning and seeking a wide range of teachers and content. The toughest is review! What about you?

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