I'm in a fight today 🥋 [WRAP 130]

Matt Ragland

Thursday, July 25, 2024

WRAP #130: Keep Growing

Hey Reader, did you like that subject line? It's true, I am in a jiu-jitsu competition today and it is a controlled fight — but that's not really the point. The point is a willingness to try new, uncomfortable activities. To keep growing.

Thanks as always for reading, let's get started!

In this issue:

💡 The Big Idea

Keep Growing

✍️ Creator Corner

The Power of a Niche

👀 What I Loved Watching

STEVE! (martin) documentary

💡 The Big Idea

Keep Growing

In about 6 hours I'll be locked in a battle with another guy. I wasn't in many (really any) fights growing up. I never did tae-kwon-do, wrestling, etc. So starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at 38 years old was not something that came naturally. I got beat. A lot.

It was (and still is) uncomfortable, at times painful. Having another guy sit on you is a different kind of discomfort than CrossFit, because the barbell isn't trying to choke you. But that's not the point of this message.

The point is finding something to grow, something new to challenge ourselves. 38 isn't too late to start new things, and I hope to have the same attitude at 58, 78, 98, and beyond (Lord willing).

New things don't all have to be physical, either. At some point I still want to learn how to code, frame a house, be handy around the house. I want to keep growing. I hope you do, too.

One more thing, and I'll just speak for myself here. Sometimes it's tough to give myself credit for ways I'm growing and developing. There's a bit of not-good-enough-ness that creeps into my self-talk. Like "oh sure it's nice you started BJJ, but you lose a lot and aren't getting better." A better self-talk is "you are way better than when you started, and in 5 years, in 50 YEARS, you're going to be really proud of what you did."

✍️ Creator Corner

The Power of a Niche

This is a puzzle many new creators often find themselves overthinking. It's like everyone keeps saying how crucial it is to pick one, but where do you begin?

If you're aiming to earn a living as a creator, think of it this way: identify a problem you can solve for people.

Once you carve out your space in a specific niche and start solving a particular problem, you’d be amazed at how quickly things can take off.

Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of your time—podcast invitations, speaking engagements, networking opportunities… it’s like a chain reaction.

This weekend, grab a whiteboard or a bullet journal and jot down the exact problem you’re tackling and WHO you're solving it for. Keep this as your north star, and revisit it whenever you need to remind yourself what you’re working towards. This isn't just about finding a niche; it's about setting the foundation for your creative journey to grow.

👀 A Doc to Watch

STEVE! (martin) documentary

Steve Martin was the first comedian I ever listened to. He was my Dad's favorite comedian. So I watched his standup, read his biography, and we all watched his movies. The documentary is incredible, not just the story but the design of the scenes (A24 Studios is just top-notch).

For creators, watching Steve, who became the biggest comedian in the world, selling out stadiums and going platinum. But just a few years earlier he almost quit and was struggling to define his act.

And then, everything happened...

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See you next week! 👋

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