Never forget another idea

Build a Second Brain 🧠

We've all forgotten an idea, misplaced a note, or had trouble retrieving critical information on a project. We shrug and say "it happens" - but does it need to?

What if you had a second brain to store everything? That you could access at any time?

Tiago Forte is the founder and creator of Building a Second Brain. When I was having trouble creating a personal index and library for books, projects, and "someday" ideas - my friend Nat Eliason recommended I check out Tiago's work.

What I learned changed how I think about note taking and information management. I want to share these life-changing principles with you!

Here is what you'll learn:

🧠 Essential framework of BASB

🧑‍🚀 How to CODE information & notes

📓 Ways to use BASB with a bullet journal

📽️ Personal & professional applications

You'll also learn how to join the newest cohort of BASB students and implement these principles in your own life and work. I personally believe this is one of the best online courses available because it truly delivers in quality, teaching, engagement, and student success.

Presented by

Matt Ragland x
Tiago Forte

April 23, 2021
2:00pm Eastern Time

Special live training

Don't miss this special opportunity to learn from one of the brightest and most innovative teachers in productivity and information management. See you there!

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