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Have your ever found yourself stuck on a project? Procrastinating through planning?

Whether it's creative, practical, or professional, I'll show you how to make an informed decision, map out a clear plan, and actually do the work that matters to you.

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    Get Unstuck

    If you're like me, then you have a lot of projects you want or need to do. Prioritizing that projects can be overwhelming and limit your productivity.

    I'll show you a simple formula that helps you make a logical decision for how to prioritize your work.

    Clarify your Goals

    After getting unstuck and prioritizing your projects, it's time to clarify your goals and develop a clear plan for completion.

    I'll show you how to take the desired outcome of the project and break it down to monthly, weekly, even daily steps so you know exacly what's next.

    Make an Action Plan

    You know the work ahead of you, now it's time to actually do it! If you suffer from procrastination through planning, you know this can be the toughest part.

    I'll show you a simple way to find time in your day to do the work that matters. You'll also learn how to create a "startup" routine to prime your mind for the work ahead.